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Welcome to Bristol Property Buyers

Bristol Property Buyers is a business that specialises in buying properties for cash. We aspire to make selling your property as easy as possible, whether it be commercial premises or residential house. We offer a free consultation and a free valuation. We make the sale of your home stress free, comfortable and very confidential.

We are a trustworthy, family run business based in Bristol.

Why Choose Bristol Property Buyers?

  • FREE Valuation
  • Cash Buyers
  • Bristol Based
  • Instant Decision
  • Discretion Assured
  • Sell in days, not months

Bristol Property Buyers will buy your house today. We buy any house or home with a Bristol postcode. Don’t waste time looking for cheap Estate Agent fees, sell your house without paying any Estate Agent Fees. We buy houses for cash. Sell your house quickly – we can normally get a quick house sale completed in 5 days.

Give us a call on 07747429809 or 07500 771191 for a free, no obligation chat

Help With Your House Sale

There are different categories of Estate Agents in Bristol, and different commission rates you will need to know if you’re a seller. In fact, there are a lot of things you need to know, in order to effectively move your properties in today’s marketplace.

You will need to know how long it takes the local Estate Agent, on average, to sell an average property. If your prospective Estate Agency does not have this information on hand, or if the time frame for turning over property is longer than comparable properties from the local area then you might be dealing with an Bristol Estate Agent who is not on their game. The difficulty is knowing all this information before committing your house with an Estate Agent for 6, 12 or 18 weeks. With ‘Bristol Property Buyers’ you know how long the sale will take – we will buy it TODAY. We often complete the whole sale in 5 days. For example, if you visit our office on a Monday, your house could be sold and the money in your bank account by Friday.

Choosing the right estate agent to sell your home with can be a daunting task. The proper steps to take in finding the best Estate Agent to represent you are: research, checking out ratings and reviews, interviewing multiple agents and asking the right questions. Make sure to do your homework (research) to see agents in their normal open house settings. Go online to check out real life reviews and ratings of potential agents you may have your eyes on. Make sure to narrow down your search to make the final decision by interviewing multiple agents and asking them questions about their practices to make sure they suit your needs. Alternatively, call Bristol Property Buyers, and in the time you have taken to conduct the correct level of research in to an Estate Agent, you will have sold your property privately.

When trying to decide whether you should lower your price or renovate your property, keep in mind that the buyers are out to get the lowest price possible. So even if your property is priced to adjust for renovations the future buyer will have to make, the potential buyer will still try to negotiate that into the price. By keeping this in mind, it will help you through the negotiation process. Or save time with potential buyers picking fault with every aspect of the house and negotiating the price down. At Bristol Property Buyers, we offer a fair price based on market value and condition of your property. If you think your house will need renovating in able to sell – we can save you that cost as well, as we buy property in Bristol, in any condition.

At the end of the day, selling your house doesn’t have to be a very difficult process. We make the process easy, quick and stress free.

Call Bristol Property Buyers today and talk to a member of the family run business.