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Sell Your House Fast – And Get Your Cash Today!

Are you a home owners who wishes to sell their home fast? The “we buy any house” service from Bristol Property Buyers may be able to help.

We Buy Any Home

As long as your house is in a Bristol or BS postcode we will consider buying your home. We are one of the few cash house buyers in Bristol and consider ourselves the best in Bristol of the house buying companies.

We buy any house

How To Sell Your House

Sell With Estate Agents Bristol

There is a small chance that you might be able to get a quick sale using local Estate Agents. If they have a list of people waiting for your type of house, in your neighbourhood, to come on to the market, it may sell within a week or so.

This would be great for you, getting a quick house sale, and great for the local Estate Agent as they will still expect the agreed Estate Agency fees to be paid by you.

A fast sale of your home, in circumstances as these, would be rare even through the best Estate Agents in Bristol, even if you paid the extra Estate Agents commission to put your property on the the list of Estate Agents throughout Bristol there is no garauntee it will sell quick.

Even a quick house sale doesn’t mean the money will be in your bank account quickly. Even if the ‘property chain’ doesn’t collapse, when one person changes their mind, the completion of the sale will be with Surveyors and Solicitors for weeks, if not months.

Online Estate Agents – Sell House Online

Selling a house through an internet Estate Agents is a very similar process to using a local Estate Agent with a ‘high street’ presence, except for two major differences.

1. Cost of selling a house – where as the average Estate Agent fees in Bristol are around 2.5%, the cheapest Estate Agents in Bristol charge fees for selling a house between 1.8% and 2%, with the good Estate Agents in Bristol will charge nearer 3% to 4%. If you sell your house online an online Estate Agent commission is normally between 0.5% and 1%.

2. You sell your house – Online Estate Agents list your property on ‘Rightmove’ and similar websites. They normally do not attend any viewings. You have to sell your own house to the people that come and look at it. However much you fancy yourself as a ‘saleperson’, selling property is a skill that most of us do not have enough experience in. Trying to sell your house yourself is difficult. For one thing the potential buyers will want to ask questions and get an independent answer. They may want to ask questions regarding your house sale that you are not prepared to share. They will definately want to ask questions about how your property compares to others houses on the market in your area.

Bristol Estate Agent Fees

Bristol Estate Agent Fees PDF

Sell Your House Privately

When you consider what is the average Estate Agent fees in Bristol, it is not a surpise that you may be considering selling your house privately and save on those agency fees.

This means creating your own for sale sign, advertising your property on Gumtree and similar sites. Facebook could also be a way to get some interest. This will save you money on Estate Agent fees, but have a similar downsides associated with online Estate Agents.

You will also have to contend with people knocking on your door at anytime of day or night, wanting to look around. You would need to keep your house imacculately clean and tidy 24/7.

Sell Property Fast With Bristol Property Buyers

If you want to know how to sell your house fast, the answer is to use Bristol Property Buyers.

We are one of avery few professional companies that buy houses. We buy your house as a ‘cash buyer’ meaning there is no delay in funding, no chance of a ‘chain’ collapsing and we have our own team of Surveyors and access to experienced Solicitors that can complete the conveyancing in days, not months.

This allows you to get a quick house sale to buy your next dream home, or pay off debts, or emigrate, or relocate or any other reason that is making you think you need to “sell my house quick”.

We will buy any house, in any condition and buy your home for cash – fast!

Call today for a free, no obligation quote on 07747429809

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